Today , on 14june as i got free with my household chores at three in afternoon , I sat back to massage my feet to relieve pain i am having in my sole . I picked up my phone , as usual which we all are in habit of doing and saw missed calls from my father , my sister in law and shifted my attention to the what’s app and there my sister in laws message of SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT suicide because he is her favorite Actor . I could not trust , So i decided to confirm this news and opened Instagram which all over had this condolence messages showering and people writing the dis belief on the death .

SSR as on Instagram , is informative , intellectual and his smile was so infectious. But , then on social media we all are like that . We don’t post fears , despondents , failures , shortfalls , or Viciousness of our life or mind which we are going through .We just post happiness, love , achievements , gaiety & joys . We don’t want to look like a wobbly or rickety .

Why we do so ? Because we are afraid of ‘discernment” . Trolling or bringing someone down is a job !!!! now people really earn by doing this !!!!!!. Earlier , in my teens the scope of social media trolling was zero other then the cunning neighborhood only media houses had this Entitlement  . But then also it had a scope of humanity or curtailment  . Now online platforms are so huge that they troll without even understanding the state of mind a person is going through or in what context the post or matter has been posted .

Also there was a war between two platforms where people showcase there talents which is YOU-TUBE V/S TIK-TOK . You tubers think they are superior then Tiktoker’s . But what i believe both the platforms are used just for the entertainment . And tik-tok is giving a stage to everyone , like even people from suburbs post such good videos with there own creativity. Which obviously shows that talent is never biased with region , people , place , cast , color , creed , comfort , education , class , etc . Even the house wives who were once working left there jobs for families by choice or by need now had a work from home possibility . But obvious the content should not be violent or impulsive. But this war took such a toll and covered all the online content creators in it and the roasting of each other started . Followers blindly support whom they like and Abuse the other person so inadequately in comments . This  beleaguered Kusha kapila (an Instagram-mer) also she got trolled or roasted so badly, that on a point she became so vulnerable and there was an emotional post from her where she was asking for kindness as being in lock-down it really hampers the mental health . Though, this girl is vigorous .And married to such an understanding partner who i think works as her strength ..Actually if any of these content creators read this post any day , I would request them to understand that the followers or likes they are counting every day , or there #instafamily , #onlinefamily #tiktokfam ,#youtubefam etc can be there power but not there strength !!!!! understand this thing that this is just a virtual power the inner strength you can get is from your close people only . From your parents , or lover or a friend. Real World HUGS still makes you feel warmer and wanted which virtual hug emoticons can never do . I have no offence i know the power of internet but more then extent , anything can ruin this universe.

World is really becoming small day by day , Internet is bringing us closer and taking our closer ones away . In a house of 4 people we have ten gadgets . Its high time , we should raise and teach our kids that failures and fears are a part of life . In school or at home we all try to teach how to celebrate success , but there’s no curriculum to celebrate fears or disasters . Why can we have a party even when our child dropped a year ? or why there cant be a celebration if he loses an important match? why cant we celebrate the appraisal not as per performance or expectation ? why no faction for an event which did not result as planned ? We need to teach children about practicing failures . “A LOSS IS A LESSON LEARNED” is what we should teach them now . Start Practicing it today so that in future a child will not die of being a failure . Don’t make such huge ideals in there eyes which are out of there distinction . Lets start posting the collapse or defeat and show or talk about you debility. Lets make this trending…….

Internet , being black evil is also an extensively influential part of our life we cannot keep our self away from it . But we need to make it just A PART of LIFE but not LIFE . We need to practice more kindness , peace and we need more humanity which is vanishing . I get scared for my little boys in these times though they are very small  . No parent in this world can see the death of there child and a suicide leaves them unanswered. The void other people feels with this loss is unimaginable . But here the same hollowness was felt by the person who took such a strong step to compromise life. The amount of bravery required to end your life 10% of it is just required to pursue it .

To all those who are reading this :

In a way or other , we know each other
and I will listen , when ever u wanna speak
Just dont Close your eyes , For forever !!!!!!


Deepti Malhotra Pathania to be specific for the abbreviation above . A girl lives many lives as child , a daughter , a sister , a girlfriend when single and wife , a daughter in law , a sister in law , a mother when married. I am no different

My first phase as Deepti Malhotra started on 3november 1985 when i was born . Obviously, i dont remember anything but as per my family i was most wanted child , Born with a birth mark on my left hand . Eldest child of the family most loved and also flooded with responsibilities just to keep the family reputation intact.

Initially , I was admitted in a private school , then shifted to a govt girls school which helped me to come out a better person because in co-ed i was suppressed , i was an introvert but i came out better and confident in a girls school. In studies i was fine i mean i was never a topper but an average scorer. All my life and i hated mathemetics , to be precise i still do. Irony was , still in class 11th i took Commerce which has accounts. To mention I was interested in science but for that i had to have 75% that time but mine was 69.9%. Also , my elder cousin had commerce so his opinion mattered and arts was considered the most dumb section. So, as an average i went for commerce.I completed my school and that was the best part of my life . Because after this i was going to be in the world of corp-orates only .

I started working early .My way to world was open , i was learning. I did my college from distance learning. Around 4 years i worked with different firms as an executive in back-ends & operations . Then shifted my interest to follow a profession i.e Multimedia and web designing. And started my career in it. Since beginning with good guidance from my now husband i was going good. The last job i left was on a higher position , that to in a 3 years of time.

In 2010 i got engaged to uday pathania. I was from always interested in arranged marriage but at least with 11 months of courtship period. And , it happened exactly the way i expected. My rokka on 29 November and his on 10 December (We were separately got engaged to each other for some tradition ). Almost , a year to bloom in this relationship .

I got married on 1 October and my second phase as Deepti Malhotra Pathania started with my new family . Pathania Battalion was different from my family . They were disciplined , in every matter and blunt sometimes. I was not so pro to this kind of roughness, but i was taught to mold myself . So, initially and till date I have given the honest love to my in laws. And they have reciprocated the same.

On 29 January 2013 i got pregnant and on 8 Feb 2013 i got the news that its mono-zygotic twins . I was perplexed , how will I manage twins!!!! One thing i was sure of not aborting them because what if in my luck there are twins only. So, i enjoyed each moment of my pregnancy as there is no second time for me . And 17.09.13 my identical twin boys were born. Since then no looking back on anything despite , i Know the blessing i have been showered with , people crave for it . Moreover , I had it in doubles .

Above written is just small extracts of this journey but i will take u down the memory lane with this blog. Because , the story has just begun and this is first time i am writing and opening myself to the world. This voyage had its share of hailstorms , but then what will be a tale without distress. Everyone has there share of thunders , but those were remembered (by themselves) who face it with grace and learn from that phase. My story is just like yours who are reading behind this screen. We all are just MANGO people with resplendent narratives.



“Books are a persons best friend ” specially for those who daydreams , who like to know more about world without stepping out of there beds (as that is the most safest place) , who want to know things from different perspective , who wants to increase vocabulary & last of all who have trust issues on humans and they feel books can be better to talk . A biblio-maniac , a wordsmith or a quixotic is what pursue for!!!! Learning new locutions and lexicon to enhance my knowledge on words.

From a very small age i started reading , I remember in my summer vacations my brother use to get me caricature books known as comics of Nagraj , Chacha Chaudhary , Pinki , champak , Archie , superman , billu , supanndi , batman , panchtantra , Bhagwad gita , etc .Different versions of Ramayan i read as my father was a director , Producer , Dialogue writer and actor in local ramleela so he use to do dialogue writing from all the variations of this holy book. For comics , the policy was it had to returned in three days i think , but for me that lasts for just one day . I use to finish my holiday homework early so that rest of the holidays i can spend my time in reading new books. These comic books had sequences also and i remember i use to crave to finish the complete collection if any part gets launched after my vacation gets over . Then , Saturday nights was for my rescue as i use to finish Homework early for the obvious reasons.

As i was growing i didn’t had much friends and to be true i was not even interested to make any , my books and my diary were and still are my closest friends . The habit of not making friends changed after i got healed from some past wounds , now i have to many friends . Probably , it was in my teenage only when these “Harry potters” books came into existence. Those were the expensive ones , but i got one to read from my school library . The only clause was i have to read it in my library period. I started that series and then always waited for the next one for launch.

Some of the beautiful and inspiring books came into my life at times when they were most required. I read chetan bhagats all novels and to be honest i agree he writes erotic but then he is the only writer who writes an understandable English for teenagers. I remember his first book “1 night at call center ‘ the part where god had a conversation with protagonists . That book , I took from my cousin to read so i wrote that conversation in my diary as i was so dumbstruck and thrilled.

I will a list below name of some books i read , Some of these had made an impact at important stages of my life , some i read to explore the facts , some for pleasure , some to avoid people , some for the sake of reading as that is my habit now.

  • “The Alchemist” by paulo coelho which i read when i started my job. The mirage created by this book was brawny.
  • The monk who sold his Ferrari .
  • “Power of subconscious mind” when i started my business .
  • Its all in the planets .
  • It happens for a reason .
  • “The Gift” when i was pregnant with my twins .
  • Life is what You make it .
  • I am papa ( Thriller)
  • Sita sister (Mythological)
  • Menaka’s choice (Mythological)
  • Karana’s wife (Mythological)
  • I kissed a frog
  • Inconceivable
  • Alchemy
  • 50 shades of grey
  • 50 shades darker
  • 50 shades freed
  • Secret
  • P.S I love You
  • Love story by Erich Segal (when i got married one of my bibliophile friend gifted me this one , as we had this jinx that one should not buy this book it has to be a gifted always ) hahaha
  • 1 night at call center
  • 2 states
  • 3 mistakes of my life
  • 5 point someone
  • Half girlfriend
  • Revolution 2020
  • The girl in room 105
  • one Indian girl
  • Ahalya
  • The Idea of loosing my virginity & other dumb ideas
  • Embroideries by Marjane satrapi
  • Myth – Mithya
  • Jaya

I am still reading and i will keep updating the list whenever there are some recommendations . Because now reading is a necessity . Its a habit which i don’t want to change. The best time of the year for me is when i go to the book fair with my husband . He is the one who took me first time to a book fair i was blown away with the collection , which also made me realize i haven’t even read 1% of the books which existed in this universe.

“May – Be”

Once upon a time , There was a Chinese farmer whose horse ran away. All neighbors came around that evening and said that its too bad and he replied “MAY BE”. The next day horse came back and brought 7 wild horses with it . All the neighbors came around and said “wow that’s great  is not it? And he said “MAY BE”. The next day his son was attempting to tame one of those horses while riding it and was thrown off it and broke his leg. All the neighbors came around and said “well that’s too bad !!! Isn’t it? And the farmer said “MAY BE”. The next day conscription officers came around looking for the people for the army and they rejected farmers son as he had a broken leg. And the neighbors came around in the evening and said “Isn’t that wonderful and farmer replied “MAY BE. All the neighbors started questioning farmer that why he is neither complaining nor happy with the things happening in his life as per gods choice. Farmer replied “the whole process of nature is an integrated process of immense complexity and it is really impossible to tell whether anything that happens in it is either good or bad because you never know what will be the consequence of misfortune or what will be the consequence of good fortune. So, I just try to accept and go with flow. I try to be subtle in both the situations weather or weather not its in my favor.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog, about the riotous ride my life was going through. I lost two people from my house in this Covid battle. My father in law on 16 may and my brother in law on 26 may. The acceptance for father in law was still in progress when brother in laws news came. We are still not able to accept this fact. I still feel I will call him and he will come to see my kids and play with them. He was just 37 got married two years back and just started to plan for kids. In this second phase he came to know about a three month old girl child whose parents lost their lives in covid battle. He called me to ask about details , as he can adopt her. The fun frolic spirit of my house was gone un-expectantly. As writer I imagine things and to be honest I have imagined the loss of an elder but losing a sibling is heart wrenching . It feels like a part of your body is numb which will never react back.

This blog is my tribute to the brother I had from heart. Since the day we met even before marriage till now his respect and honor had been same for me and for his brother. On 8 may , He messaged me that He loves his bhai and me too which was sweet expression of his love in so many years. I have always treated him like my younger brother and There will be no replacement to him in my life. We both had imagined growing old many times in humor but that’s what you do with your siblings or people who are of your age. You don’t see them leaving so early in life. He was the crackers on Diwali and colors on Holi , without him nothing will be same again. Abraham Lincoln said “Its not the years in your life that counts , Its life in years”. He was that person of this house.

I don’t know weather whatever done by god is right or wrong, as i cant challenge his decision. As human beings we have a limitation. Still I had a fight with god many times when his condition was deceased but we can only try the best possible things which are in our reach ,after a point a formless power is there which controls the birth and death. But as the story above which says the “MAY-BE”s of life , It is helping me to hold back in senses. May be he had life this long only , Maybe this was his destiny , maybe he is in happy space , may be his sufferings are over, MAY-BE…May-Be…. Those who die leaves for heavenly abode but those whom are left behind keep looking for answers to satisfy the thirst of saving their loved ones? “Time is the best medicine” as said by many in these times, so I guess for my family specially My mother in law & my husband who has spent such long time with him , time will only be the medicine.

So , I request don’t take this situation in ease . Its far serious then anyone’s imagination. Just a month back I had a happy family surrounded by happy peoples but now everything is silent. My kids had a routine video call with my brother in law at 10pm before sleeping . They don’t know about their chachu yet , and I don’t have courage to tell them. I will wait till elders of the family heal then, I will break the news to my kids. Because staying home wont keep my kids distracted for long with the fact that they will never see their chachu again. I pray peace and happiness for our earth now. I pray courage for families who lost their loved once.


Words are the most inexhaustible source of magic

Whenever I am vulnerable or exposed to emotions , I rush to write. I am old schooled so I prefer pen and paper . Also , I use colourful pens as per my mood to write like :
  • Pink when I am feeling loved ,
  • Red when I am feeling angry,
  • Yellow when I am feeling vibrant ,
  • Green when I am feeling motivated ,
  • Blue when I am feeling intellectual,
  • Orange when I feel just fine , an average ok feeling , 
  • and Black when I am feeling sad .

Though , black is my favorite and comforting color but my diary has more pages in orange color to be precise. From Last around a month my life is on a roller coaster which I am waiting to end and looking for a happy ending.  “पर लगता है अभी भी कुछ इम्तिहान बाकि है मेरे दोस्त “(But seems like some more tests are still awaited).  First phase of covid did not entered my home so I was just worried and cautious but second wave Hitted hard on my family so I am now sailing in the ship of endanger . Not a day has gone when I didn’t wrote in my diary . Because that is the only place which strengthens my mind.

I was not writing anything on blog, One of my very dear friend and my sister many times reminded me to write but my schedule did not allowed. Now in these vulnerable times My sister Sheetal forced me to write. She said ” Didi you write with your heart I am a reader and I can feel , what u write are not just words , they are experiences. You deliver peace with your words”. She motivated me by saying that – everyone has different ways of getting healed from the anxiety which is prevailing nowadays and believe me your write ups can help someone. I know she is my sister she has to be partial with me because blood is always thicker than water and i thoroughly believe this. Her insistence pushed me to come back on my blog , which I started to share My Stories.

As Martin Luther said “If you want to change the world pick your pen and start writing” so now days it’s not just pen its keyboard also which will help me change or heal a heart. I will try to write more online then offline . Because yes that could be a help to someone in these times. Writing being my therapy helps me being courageous and my sorrows disappear , which in these times  can be useful to someone. And I really don’t know what will I write but It’s the best way to talk uninterrupted . I will sit on my keyboard and one word will follow other , It will be my voice without being heard. Its my judgement free space. So keep reading , because what I learnt in these times that there are very limited people in your life who can handle you in your weakest times. I am blessed I have a family to support. I have friends whom I can rely to cry upon. I will take you to the journey of wonderful people I live with. What i have learned from them and what I can give them back from those learnings.


Onion and garlic, both are considered super foods due to their numerous proven health benefits. They add distinct flavor’s to the food and are inseparable parts of Indian cuisine. Whether you are preparing curry, stew or soup, onion and garlic are important ingredients in it. But now days , Navratri is going on and in these times cooking pattern changes as prohibition on using onion & garlic is there as per traditions. I don’t practice it as per ritual but I firmly believe there must be some reason behind it which intrigued me to research & write about this topic on both scientific & religious grounds.

At the time of “Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean ) when finally Amrit (nectar) came out of it Devas & asuras started quarrelling . That time Lord Vishnu took the form of a beautiful woman, Mohini, to allure & trick Asuras into giving her the Nectar & distributed it amongst the Devas. RahuKetu, an asura, took the form of deva and joined their line. He gets a sip & lord Vishnu immediately cut off the head of the demon, but it had become immortal in two parts – Rahu, the head, and Ketu, the body. While he was getting slashed some drops of his blood fell on the ground by which Onion & Garlic seeds were first sowed. Due to the divine power of nectar Onion & garlic has medicinal qualities at PAR , but Asura blood mixed to it intrigues the evil qualities like low-desires , anger , violence etc.

As per Ayurveda Food is divided into 3 houses according to their nature of response they generate in bodies which are : Raajasic , Taamasic & Sattvic. ‘Rajas’ and ‘Tamas’ refer to something that is destructive, resentful, unripe and weak. During Navratri fasting when you are supposed to denounce worldly pleasures and adopt a simple and pure state of life to show your devotion, it is believed that Raajasic and Taamasic food may distract your mental focus. Onion along with garlic is also known as ‘Rajogini’ a substances that make one lose grip over their instincts, making it difficult to distinguish between your desires and priorities. The word Sattvic comes from the word, Sattva – which means the one that is pure, natural, vital, energetic, clean and conscious .

Our body needs heat which Onion & Garlic both produce but excessive heat can cause other health problem . Also , the month of October- November, which also is the transition period from autumn to winter season tends to decline immunity due to the seasonal change . Thus, switching food during this season gives your digestion some rest , balances equilibrium of body  and cleanses all impurities. 

As read ” If you Don’t eat your food like medicine , Then you have to eat your medicine like food “. This whole process helps to keep a control on your will power by mandating traditional impositions, as food is the most alluring thing of human life . But then if you have control on what you eat , how you maintain balance , how you control your alluring’s?  How to know when to stop ? Then you already have a strong will power then no imperatives are required . But If not then we always have our fine scriptures & traditions to make us walk on the path required.


It was Krishna Janmashtami on 12’August 2020 and I dressed up boys as KRISHNA did there makeup embellished them with jewelry , crown and peacock feather on it as it signifies Kanha. I found the attire complete but my boys said did not they said “MAA , why haven’t you put a Tilak !!!! like Kanha usually had on his forehead” . I said “I am sorry I forgot will put it” ,  they said ” Maa please be sure it’s the same like Kanha applies. I didn’t know distinctively which it was , so google came to the rescue. While I was applying , they asked ” Maa why kanha appertains tilak “. I replied ” Because , Our body’s most powerful energy lies in the place where we apply Tilak which helps us in staying fit , be strong & study well . They were satisfied with my answer but it created a curiosity in me to research and educate myself about “TILAK” .

Tilak, Sanskrit tilaka (“mark”), in Hinduism which apart from forehead can be applied to 12 parts of the body : head, neck, both upper-arms, both forearms, chest, both sides of the torso, stomach and shoulder. The marks are made by hand or with a metal stamp, using ash from a sacrificial fire, sandalwood paste, turmeric, cow dung, clay, charcoal, or red lead. In Hinduism human body is considered to be a temple of God. Our body has seven key chakras (energy center’s). These chakras are a source of tremendous power. The Ajna chakra is particularly sacred, as it is the center of all cosmic energy, this pivotal spot is known as guru site. Our consciousness resides here & also this is the dwelling place of our mind. Our entire body is controlled from here. The Sahasrara chakra is situated on the crown of the head in the region where a choti (Tuft of hair retained while rest of the scalp is shaved) is kept. That is the seat of the Nirgun (Non-Materialized) Parmeshwar. Sagun Parmeshwar dwells in the mid-brow region. Thus, so long as we are attached to Maya, it is advisable to worship the Sagun form of Parameswara.

Different Followers use different materials and shapes to apply Tilaka :
Shaiva’s (Saivites) – The followers of Lord Shiva typically mark their Tilak using vibhuti (ash) called as Tri-pundra , in three horizontal lines across the forehead with a Bindu of sandalwood paste or a dot of red Kumkum in the center. Sometimes a crescent moon or trident also denotes a Shaiva.
Vaishnavas – The followers of Lord Vishnu have many tilak variations follow a general pattern of two or more vertical lines resembling the letter U and representing the foot of Vishnu, with or without a central line or dot using vermillion, clay, sandalwood paste (Chandan), or latter two mixed. Their tilaka is called the Urdhva Pundra.
Ganapatya – use red sandal paste
Shaktas – use kumkuma, or powdered red turmeric. They draw one vertical line or dot (not to be confused with Bindi used by Indian women from different religions).
Raja tilaka and Vira tilaka – are usually applied as a single vertical red line. Raja tilak will be used while enthroning kings or inviting prominent personalities. Vira tilaka is used to anoint victors or leaders after a war or a game.

Right Hand is used to put in tilak as it’s our dominant side scientifically and each finger has its significance while applying tilak :
Thumb (Angushtha) – Tilak with a thumb gives STRENGTH. According to Hindu mythology the planet Venus is at the base of the thumb which represents health & Strength
INDEX finger (Tarjani) – Tilak with Index Finger provides MOKSHA . The base of the index finger is the planet Jupiter. A tilak is applied with index finger to a dead body as it provides Moksha to its spirit, as the planet Jupiter represents immortality. This is why applying Tilak with an index finger on other occasions is considered inauspicious. The right-hand index finger should be used for applying Tilak to the photos of the departed.
Middle Finger (Madhyama) – Tilak with Middle finger grants a LONG LIFE. As per Hindu mythology, Saturn is at the base of the middle finger. The planet Saturn is known as the protector of life. Thus, applying Tilak with middle finger grants long life
Ring Finger (Anamika) – Tilak with Ring Finger gives the personal fame and prosperity. The ring finger should be used to put Tilak on the photos of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

It is of great spiritual consequence to Hindus. Applied on the forehead between the brows, it is a point of immense power and piety. During yoga meditation, the mind is centered at this Dhyana chakra. The Dhyana chakra represents our subconscious mind and all our teeming thoughts. Focusing our attention on the Ajna chakra has a restful effect on the mind. Because of all these reasons, great sanctity is attached to this spot on the forehead and the tilak, bindi or tika is rightfully applied here. Also, a tilak of sandalwood paste, has an immediate calming effect. You cannot bring the mind to a tranquil state just by applying tilak. But the tilak is a medium. It is a point of focus from where you can tap the incredible powers of the Ajna chakra.



I saw an animated movie which filled me with the joy and I could not stop myself without writing about it. The story revolves around COCO’S family. Coco is an old lady who is non verbal and suffers from memory loss. COCO’s Mother Imelda was married to a man who left her & daughter to pursue a career in music. When he never returned, Imelda banished music from her family’s life before starting a shoe-making business. Miguel The great grandchild of Coco lives with her, with his parents and grandmother, who all are shoemakers. Despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, young Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto De la Cruz for which he has made a makeshift guitar and he secretly teaches himself to play it from Ernesto’s old films. On the Day of the Dead ( Día de Muertos) , Miguel accidentally damages the picture frame that holds a photo of Coco with her mother on the family ofrenda , discovering that a hidden section of the photograph shows his great-great-grandfather holding Ernesto’s famous guitar. Though the image’s face has been torn off, Miguel concludes that Ernesto is his great-great-grandfather. Ignoring his family objections he decides to  participate in a Music Contest for which he breaks in to the Ernesto’s mausoleum to take his guitar for his performance but as soon as he strums it, he reaches on the land of dead for stealing from the dead. He must return to the Land of the Living before sunrise, or he will become one of the dead & to do so, he must receive a blessing from a member of his family. Imelda is ready to give him the blessing on condition to end his dream of becoming a musician, but Miguel refuses and resolves to seek Ernesto’s blessing instead.

He escapes his family to meet Ernesto , where on his way he meets Héctor who says he knows Ernesto & will help Miguel if he will take his photo back with him, so that his daughter does not forgets him. Miguel agrees & Héctor helps him reach the Ernesto Mansion where he welcomes his descendant wholeheartedly. Héctor and Ernesto come face to face where they revive an argument of their partnership Life. Héctor realizes Ernesto poisoned him, stole his guitar & songs, passing them off as his own to become famous when Héctor decided to leave the duo to return to his family. To protect his legacy, Ernesto seizes the photo and asks his security guards to throw Miguel and Héctor into a cenote pit. There, Miguel realizes that Héctor is his real great-great-grandfather, and that Coco is Héctor’s daughter. Héctor only wanted to go to the Land of the Living so he could see Coco again. Imelda and the family rescue the duo & Miguel reveals the truth about Héctor’s death which reconciles the couple . There family infiltrates Ernesto’s concert to retrieve Héctor’s photo where his crimes are exposed to the audience, who jeer at him, then crushed by a giant bell the same way he died; in the chaos, however, Héctor’s photograph falls into the water. As the sun rises, Coco’s life& memory are fading; Imelda and Héctor bless Miguel, so that he can return to the Land of the Living. Miguel comes back to COCO and sings “Remember Me” which brightens her up and she sings with him. She reveals that his father use to sing songs with her mother and this song he wrote for her before his departure to pursue his goal. While telling narratives about him she shows the torn-off piece of the family photo with Héctor’s face on it which saves his memory as well as his existence in the Land of the Dead. Miguel’s family reconciles & ends the ban on music. Coco’s collected letters from Héctor prove that Ernesto stole his songs, destroying Ernesto’s legacy and allowing Héctor to be rightfully honored in his place. In the Land of the Dead, Héctor ,Imelda & Coco for a visit to the living after a year where Miguel plays and sings for his living and dead relatives.

The movie is based on a festival DAY OF THE DEAD (Día de Muertos) celebrated in Mexico. In Mexican culture, death is viewed as a natural part of the human cycle. Mexicans view it not as a day of sadness but as a day of celebration. They believe their ancestors  will come back to bless them so they decorate their graves with marigold flower, make their favorite food delicacies & tell anecdotes of the dead people to upcoming generations. Not just family you can remember your friends also in this festival. The believe is that once the recitation of stories about the persons stops his existence in other world fades.

The movie emphasis on FAMILY  is the greatest wealth by what you make it . Its strong not with the heads counted but liturgy you create, by commitment of time care and love you show to one another and by hopes you invest in individual or in unit. Children usually feel more connected to their grandparents rather then their own parents. The dreams of a successful career is what parents see for their child which makes kids like us move out of our ancestor homes. So now its more of a Nuclear family culture we are following .But, This movie will teach child the legacy of the family tree and the value to hold it. It will enlighten them that we are branches of same tree which grows in different directions yet our roots are same . 


A-HALYA in sanskrit means UN-PLOUGHED & in hindi it means NIGHT. The creation of Lord Brahma with great effort out of pure creative energy , without the reprehension of ugliness . She was the most beautiful mortal lady of her time by whom even the Nymphs of heaven use to get jealous . The princess of Panchal born to King MUDGAL & Queen NALAYANI of puru dynasty . She was born as a twin with a brother DIVODAS , who became a well known warrior of his times. It was not just the looks of her which set her apart from other women . It was her brain also which had the undying desire of learning. Her father was very proud of her intellect but her mother was always distressed with the spiritual wisdom she had even as princess. Ahalya’s goal since beginning was to be a scholar, but its her perennial beauty with a boon of not ageing and will always look sweet 16 which she was renowned for . So all the devas including Lord Indra, Asuras and many sages were desperate to get married to Ahalya.

When time arrived to select a groom for him Lord Brahma announced that the one who will travel three worlds and comes back first will be the winner . All the sages , Devtas & Asurs embarked on their journey . At the same time , Rishi Gautama saw baby Kamdhenu (divine cow) taking birth. Looking at that site, the sage got overwhelmed by the prominence of the creator and out of respect, did a circumbulation of the cow and a Shivling. Brahma came to know everything through his meditation powers. He told Rishi Gautama that a cow which had given birth and to move around it (perform parikrama) and the Shivling was equal to travelling three worlds. Lord Brahma was impressed by the patience, knowledge and penance of Rishi Gautam and told him that he deserved to get married to Ahalya. Brahma gave the couple Brahmgiri, considered as the ultimate pious place that fulfilled wishes. After the marriage of Rishi Gautam and Ahalya, other Devtas and rishis returned but Indra was coveted by Ahalya’s beauty . He kept on stalking her and watched the habits of Sage Gautam . He noticed that sage leaves ashram in the morning for couple of hours to the river for his bath and prayers. Unable to hold the desire Indra decided to attain the women .

Indra asked moon to help him in this by being a cock and wake up Gautam rishi much before Dawn. On hearing the voice of a cock crowing at 2 AM, the sage went for his holy bath. When Rishi Gautam leaves for his morning ablutions, Indra comes in his guise and does mating with Ahalya. On his way out, he meets the sage who sensed What has been transpired. He curses Indra, to have a 1,000 vulva’s (sahastrayoni) on his body & his phallus will fall never to unite with any cunt. As the woman who couldn’t distinguish the touch of her husband, curses Ahalya to turn into stone. The gods intervened and Indra’s 1,000 vulva’s are converted into eyes (sahasra-aksha). Ahalya too would be redeemed when Vishnu visits her as Lord Rama. Ahalya is never asked to give her side of the story, nor does she make any effort to explain.Indra’s approbation was required as being the lord of gods he has multifarious duties in various worlds which will remain suspended. But Ahalya she was merely a daughter, sister or wife. Her self existence was nothing . Ahalya from always wanted to be a RISHIKA a scholar her curse favored her to walk on that path . As to be a sage first you have to be enlightened from inside . Its important to know the power of your own existence . After being packed into a stone body and surviving just on air she had all the time to visit inside her. The memories since childhood till today were travelling in her gravestone eyes. The sin which happened by desire or was it really a gaffe , she had the time to rethink about it. She could have refrained from the act by any melodrama but she choose to accept the flattery she felt when she was enchanted by the lord of Gods. Also, Rishi Gautam who was trying hard to earn the tag of maharishi could be on penance and for him desire of body no more existed . But Ahalya was a mortal being full of desires and when Indra showered the love she was looking from Gautam she slipped into the desire for those moments. Her side of story is inarticulate. She maintained a stony silence.

Her story signifies the importance of a true master . Lord Rama became his master to illuminate her soul & pellucid her reputation . From years there are people who practice patriarchy blindly and then there are some who believe in equality like lord Rama who touched the feet of Ahalya and turned her back into human even after knowing the illegitimate act as per civilisation.


Social media refers to websites and applications that are designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently, and in real-time.

It keeps us informed about what is going on in the lives of our people like there Birth days , anniversaries and even death in family . Yes!!!! Perhaps  its easy to put the message on social media to make everyone know what’s going on in your life rather then calling and telling . But!!!! as in real world there are some manners which social media doesn’t have .In the beginning of this era , People were still courteous but now nobody cares . And , I am from a generation of letters and cards which should be replied wholeheartedly . I think someone has to pen down some rules for it . So , Here I take the responsibility :-

  1. Do you remember the magical three words taught when we were in pre-school , No ILU was not that early ,Please , Sorry & Thank You . Try to practice them more like :
    1. If someone wishes you on a social media platform , reply them with a thank you.
    2. If someone Praises you , writes a post about you reply them don’t just read and ignore.
    3. If someone shares a moment from nostalgia appreciate them .
  2. If comment is with a sticker or emoticon , reply them likewise its perfectly fine, but if its with a message for which person has spent some Nano seconds to think and write please reply them graciously . Believe me !!! No one has time to type and send messages these days but if you are getting some words from someone’s , consider yourself special in their life.
  3. If your friend starts a business and want to promote online – share their stuff and like there page . Support doesn’t comes with only buying stuff from them . You can support by promoting their things .Now, here comes a dilemma too, in which two of your friends selling same things then support both . Let people know that your friends are doing this , recommend your friends . Let the buyer decide whom he wants to go for .I know and understand that recommending someone makes you responsible for the after effects . If some complains comes tell them that you shared to support but that doesn’t makes you responsible for what they selected. When your own people don’t support , we head to join groups of unknown people . Just by sharing it you are earning a friend for a lifetime who will stand by you when you do something like that.
  4. When your acquaintance becomes an Insta-grammer , You-Tuber , blogger , v-logger or a pod-caster online , even if you don’t like or agree to what he is doing share it. Might be someone else will find it interesting and what u did is just a share with a click. Two minds never think alike but their could be a mind which will find the subject helpful .
  5. Intellectuals doesn’t  have egos !!! be kind to others . Like if my thoughts on religion does not match with yours accept this wisely .
  6. There are people who are still learning and accepting this technology – try and be helpful , understand their stigma.
  7. And lastly , If any of you who needs support be ego-less . Ask it directly from your people to share and like your things.

To be honest , I have unfriended many of my own people on my social sites due to lack of courtesy and I will keep doing that. I don’t want people who cant practice manners . The insecurity of jobs , no social lives , less interaction with outside world has finally made us realize the importance of relationships . Even in these tough times when people are looking for support, Why cant we extend a hand of help to our own known people . The help which is not even monetary but just a click behind the screen .

School !! School

Once upon a time, there was a Silver river flowing Between vast Golden Mountains . On both banks of that river were lush green forest ,dotted with tiny houses. This river was “SARASVATI’ ,the goddess of knowledge, creative arts, wisdom, language, learning and purity. And the tiny houses on both sides were the school known as Gurukul or Chatravas in those times .The advantages of these Gurukuls were :

  • Students from beginning can choose there area of interest.
  • Hobby classes like dance , drama , playing an instrument , archery etc were available and child can participate in any activity as per there interest.
  • There was no enforcement to study & students were free to leave that school anytime they want or when they feel they are ready to face the world.
  • Nature was a teacher here and academicians took best initiative to utilize the natural resources available around to educate their students.
  • The method of teaching was practical like :
    • Students who are interested in Botany – observed Trees and plants like : How tree germinates ? How Flower turns into a fruit ? How the colour of leaves changes with season?
    • Those who want to study chemistry , Physics or Biology they are sitting with cook in kitchen to understand the difference between food that is boiled , steamed , roasted or fried & also the effect of these foods on human body .
    • Those who wanna study Zoology stay in stables watching cow giving birth to calf or watching deer graze and tiger hunt .
  • Students have to memorize the things by understanding them as there were no notebooks to write down the Lectures .
  • Also to bring out the examinations there were no answer sheets like today , but some magical white lotus blooming on the reed of the river edge . The students use to talk to those white lotuses as they were magical . Whenever a student who has genuinely learnt, the flower blooms , but if the student use to simply lie or rattles about what he memorized  flower use to wither.

But now we know that the river SARASWATI has disappeared!!!!!!!!!!! Why did this wise river Disappeared ? Science states the logical answer’s  like earthquakes or disasters ! But raconteurs tells us a different story which says after a while,  the river got dried and shrunk in size . The teachers and students head got replaced with PARROTS who doesn’t understand a word but they just repeat sounds which humans tutor them . These Teachers and there students are not learning but, simply memorizing lessons .The schools on both side of this river forgot the value of curiosity and learning . Students just inhale & exhale whatever transmitted by teachers or school. Gradually the white lotus on river edge tired of waiting for a genuine student withered away and then became extinct . River Sarasvati even slowly slipped herself from the surface .

One day in all these parrot headed kids came a mind which was not ready to just memorize things . He wanted to be wise rather just being scholar . He visualize to bring river Sarasvati back on earth & see the lotuses bloom . His teachers told him to stop this nonsense . They said “If u will rattle out what you remember everyone will consider you clever “.But ,he refused & teachers told him to leave Gurukul by vomiting all the knowledge he gained inside. He did that & left that place. He realized that sun sees everything & deduced that sun knows everything and asked him to be his teacher. Sun said yes with a condition that boy has to seize him . The boy tried for so many days but No success . He requested his teacher only to show him the way , sun said no need to catch me. I will everyday rise from east and will slip into the west . Just sit in one place & pay attention to the things I throw my light upon , more you will observe more you would want to know about it . The boy asked who will answer my questions? Sun replied you will get all your answers yourself , which is the best way as teachers can only help you to discover but , ultimately its your responsibility.


The boy did what his teacher told him to do . The more he thought about things , the more he perceived and understood. He asked sun what he will do at night ? So the sun took the form of a horse and came to him . The boy shared about his observations & understandings . They argued and debated which improved his idiosyncrasy of brainstorming . Sun was really happy with his dedication and on his final day sun told the boy to ask for a boon . He said I want River Sarasvati to flow once again .  Sun said ” wish GRANTED ‘ . But now invisible river Sarasvati will flow inside the student as there curiosity . Whenever a child will be peculiar to know about certain things river Sarasvati will drift.

The story above is an extraction of a wise story teller , but in this pandemic times ,when we all are having a scrimmage with the education system of this age this story is my source of motivation . The story states that to learn we don’t need to go to school we just need a teacher. And anyone can be the teacher and anything can be a subject. My twins who has a thirst to acquire knowledge but does not want to sit on system for long hours . The schools have shifted all of the academics online , and they are asking for a inexplicable amount to continue those classes where parent is only playing the role of teacher . And the fear school is infusing that, for admission next year we need a passing certificate (TC) of respective standard . My core concern is my child , as I know my kids are just money making machine for there school . They are not bothered if corona or anything happens to my child . All they will worry about Tuition Fees .

So being in this situation I am striving for home-schooling this year where , my home will be school and everything around will be subjects . If things will get better they will join outdoor activities as per their interest . I know its gonna be tough . But I don’t want to invest my hard earned money in a place where they just wanna make my kids follow a rat race .

Child never follows parents WORDS but he certainly follows parents ACTIONS .  We want to practice and set an example , which will make them to stand out as an ODD . For next one year we will be the sun to our kids. Whole day I will try and make them observe things and at night we will solve there queries. Sometimes , I will leave them with there question to increase there curiosity . To make river Sarasvati secretly flow in there minds.


Smile (definition is) –
A pleased, kind, or amused facial expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

Studies have shown that smiling releases endorphins, natural painkillers, and serotonin. Together these three neurotransmitters make us feel good from head to toe. Not only do these natural chemicals elevate your mood, but they also relax your body and reduce physical pain.

Just the simple act of putting a smile on your face can lead you to feel actual happiness, joy, or amusement. Smiling on purpose changes brain chemistry & it creates happy hormones, just like exercise does. So it can be a big help to people who are dealing with depression and anxiety (I will not touch that part ) . A smile can induce so many positive emotions that it is the equivalent feeling of receiving cash . This also creates a full on positive spiral.

I was talking to someone on phone and we were discussing about the effect of being , just inside our homes from so long .

  • I said I miss Chatting or laughing with live people . Weather its when I was going to pick up kids or buy groceries or when i go for a dance class idea was to grab a little chat with a human because that cheers my soul. Technically I am missing my smilercise .
  • They said – Smilercise !!!!! What is that ?
  • I Replied – Physical activity of my jaws and teeth to sustain or improve health and fitness of my brain is called a SMILERCISE (after blending smiling and exercise) and we laughed a lot as its the new portmanteau invented on a conversation.
  • Person who was on other side of call replied – For me I am a meme lover I follow all the pages which produces memes and I smile a lot while reading it .
  • I answered But the online memes can never take up the place of live laughter’s.

MEME (definition is) – an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

I strongly believe that smiles are Contagious and makes it easier to connect with anyone . Its easy to approach a person who smiles, That is why !!!! In hospitality industry they practice and preach to be cheerful while dealing clients .

Just imagine !!!! a person cracked a joke & started laughing ferociously !!!! Even without knowing the reason a little smile will occur on your face and if that laugh proliferates itself then it will bring a thunder of laughter’s .

A MEME CAN NEVER DO THAT !!!!! Because memes usually we read in silence or in isolation and share to the world , who like us!!! only devour it in an outcast. We are in a corner of mind believing this , that we are spreading smiles with this little share , yes!!!! We are, but we are doing it virtually . The effect of this meme will be irresistible when we are reading it out loud in group of real people. Being at home without house helps we are all so much hooked in daily chores that we rarely get time to call and do these smilercises .

The COMFORT & COSINES we feel in the smiles of real world is incomparable with the virtual world. Smile because its the best therapy to keep your brains free . So , People start practicing more smiles to keep your self free from negativism . Watch a baby , a pet video , talk to Ur Friends on video call till the time we all meet again and create GROUP HUGS & SMILES .

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